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Master Key Systems & Restricted Key Systems.

High Security & Control.

Master key systems are controlled under high security practices where keys are supplied strictly on authorized signature registration only, and all systems are computer generated assuring maximum integrity. The design patent of the system makes duplication of keys by unauthorised parties extremely difficult. Restricted key systems have been proven to be highly secure security solutions for all size businesses. Key management systems are an ideal choice for businesses who need high security solutions.

Master Keying is Key Management.

Master keying is commonly used throughout the community where a key hierarchy is required. A Master Key will open all doors within the building. Sub Master key groups can be created that open a selection of doors, and then service keys being individual keys to open specific doors only. This is tailored to suit the needs of each individual client. 

Has your Restricted Key Design System Expired?

Master key systems and restricted key systems provide highly secure and controlled security solutions. However, if the patent protection and registration design protection has expired your security system is no longer legally compliant. It may also be under threat if keys become unaccounted for.

If your key system requires an update, Grampian Locksmiths will plan, design and build a controlled system that is customised to suit your individual requirements and adapt to your current security structure to provide the most cost effective solution.